Vicky + Diana



“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale”.

This quote from an anonymous source truly helped me get this blog started because truly this wedding was just that. Now while we do believe every wedding to have a fairy tale element, there are a few that stick to your memories like no other. Diana and Vicky’s wedding was a delightful celebration of long time lovers and friends. And this wedding photography opportunity presented us an almost fairy tale experience visually.

This wedding was held is a small chapel tucked away from the bustle of otherwise busy Sarjapur road in Bangalore city. Amidst all the towering corporate offices and luxury residential architectures, our place of shoot was a breath of fresh air that gave it more appeal. This wedding photography experience took place a week post Yuletide and New Year; hence the chapel was still beautifully decorated and also had an equally colorful and stunning crib just at the entrance.

Our role as candid wedding photographers at this wedding started when our ravishing bride began her makeup and hair. Though Diana is anyway effortlessly gorgeous , the special day of her life with its share of nerves, chaos, excitement, eagerness etc sure did add the unmistakable glow of pink to her face. The makeup artist hired to doll her up had it easy with a bride-to-be that looked like she did. Within an hour of starting, we saw Diana slowly turn into a lovely bride with all the adornments of her bridal trousseau and accessories on her.

As candid wedding photographers, there is little you can control in terms of how you’d like someone to look, move, react or communicate with your lens, thankfully Diana looked completely at ease and oblivious to anything close to being conscious of having us around. Once the stunning bride and her equally stunning bridesmaids were ready, we all headed to the chapel. At the lovely chapel, the angelic Diana and smart Vicky were pronounced man and wife after, what was a long and evidently successfully period of courtship.

We managed to steal the couple away from the guests, well wishers and family for a quick photo session at the garden in the chapel premises. A modest garden but nonetheless created quite the romantic ambience. While our much in love couple nearly forgot our presence in this beautiful setting, our lens silently clicked away. After this we had the ceremonial entrance, followed by fun party music and great food. Wedding photography is always sheer fun because it reminds you that fairy tales do happen and it is overwhelming to have the responsibility of holding back time through our candid wedding photographs.


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