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Iyengar weddings are traditionally filled with rituals and practices that are long drawn and do involve the entire family. Like the belief that no wedding is only about the bride and groom and instead include both families of the couple. Near and dear ones play a significant role in the festive celebration of an Iyengar wedding. This was our first candid wedding photography experience for an Iyengar wedding and yes we were nervous because short of what we’ve manage to gather, we really knew little of the tradition itself.

If one thing that candid wedding photography has taught us is that every wedding ceremony and practice is special and beautiful in its own unique way. The unknowns of this Iyengar wedding photography actually had us stumble upon a spread of visual treats waiting to be engulfed by our lens. The wedding started with the priest’s chants, live musician exuding traditional rhythms from his flute and the bride’s parents performing a puja. We knew that we were in for a treat few minutes into the traditionally colorful rituals.

The beautiful big flower decorations adorned the walls of the temple insides, also the lit lamps and the sacred fire at the Mantap added a different dimension to the wedding altogether. There were Beetle leaves, ghee, money and fruits amongst other things that consecrated the auspicious beginning to this wedding and made this Iyengar wedding photography very intense and splendidly sacred. The bride’s and the groom’s elders participated in more Puja’s before the coy bride is brought to the mantap.

Dressed in blue and looking radiant the beautiful bride Rajitha is walked up to the Mantap by the womenfolk. She then participates in more Puja’s conducted by the priest in command. After which she is taken away for a dress change, while the groom too is made to change into the traditional Dhoti. Our dear groom was helped into a Dhoti and then sat at the Mantap for more Puja’s with his families while they wait for the auspicious time to bring in the bride and well we clicked away and enjoyed this traditionally inspired candid wedding photography.

This time the bride and groom were both dressed in bright yellow and were taken through another series of rituals. They were made to practice rituals at a decorated swing and then back to the mantap or more until the actual sign of marriage –the Mangalsutra and the garland were exchanged. Like most Iyengar wedding photography, these spreads of photographs too are very colorful and through our candid wedding photography style, we’ve manage to successfully capture some candid moments of the groom’s mother letting a happy tear drop, bride enjoying a relieved laugh or the couple stealing a look.


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