Tabrez + Sadah



Though it may sound cliché’ but I am still going to go ahead and quote a popular phrase by an anonymous writer “You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without”. The reason why I chose this phrase is because this candid wedding photography experience was one of the shortest wedding functions we’ve covered but one of the most emotional ones too. As the story goes Muslim boy meets Hindu girl, they fall madly in love and next thing you know they are ready to fight all odds to be with each other.

This inter caste marriage like most others, had its share of struggles before it could get solemnized before the gods. Tabrez and Sadah had their share of utter confusion, disappointments and loneliness as they fought for their right to be with someone they truly cared about. And when all those efforts boiled down to this day, their dear ones joined in the celebration of their journey and their future together, it was quite a victorious moment, giving us a great opportunity to shoot some memorable candid wedding photography shots.

Sadah wanted us as her candid wedding photographers, for the Walima also known commonly by most of us as the wedding reception. For a Hindu bride in Muslim attire, Sadah played the part extremely well. She looked every bit like a Muslim bride, her trousseau and accessories completed her look and her loving husband stood by her gleaming in pride. Tabrez started off a little camera shy but soon with Sadah’s initiation jumped right into the groove to give us some wonderful poses. Once their friends reached the venue, there was some funny jokes passed, some teasing and some bullying, all in all a fun evening.

The gathering was a small one with about 50 people, only the closest and dear ones were a part of it and those who came swore by the couple’s love. The food was a delicately chosen spread of delicious Indian cuisine. The reception or Walima was definitely well thought of, the finer details in decorations and food made all the difference in ensuring the guests who came in left fully satisfied and happy, also ensuring as candid wedding photographers we were not lacking for want of good photography opportunity. It was a wedding that reminds us that true love can and will overcome challenges.


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