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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

So here’s an amazing thing- As a candid wedding photographer-sometimes we either know our couples from before or else it takes us less than 5 minutes into our meeting them that we become friends for life. I guess the fact that we play such an essential role in documenting the biggest day of their lives has something to do. After all candid wedding photography can be very personal and intimate.

Like all weddings I photograph; this one was special too. More so because the bride is a good friend of the wife, I perhaps met with her only a handful of times but there’s no dodging her infectious energy. The groom on the other hand is a really awesome guy- quiet, controlled, mild mannered; a man of few words but truly a gentleman. It was a combined Hindu wedding +-Christian wedding that I loved shooting.

This Hindu-Christian wedding was a lovely culmination of two very different families and two very different wedding celebrations. When you think of a multicultural wedding, then this is the perfect example of how to do it right and ever so beautifully. It’s so thoughtful that the couple chose to take their vows twice; one in a Hindu wedding style and another in a Christian wedding style.

It doesn’t surprise me that the bride terms her wedding as one of the most memorable days of her life- after all she got to dress pretty and be pampered as the bride of the day twice. It is every girl’s dream and she was glowing throughout, her face reflecting her joy and excitement. As a candid wedding, photographer I am always blown away with weddings that are different, weddings with a story!

Of course planning one wedding isn’t the easiest thing so a Hindu-Christian wedding would take a lot of intricate planning. Shalet and Salil meticulously planned the entire celebration to perfection. Fusion weddings are complex but these two made them work beautifully and how! They had a mantap styled Punjabi Hindu wedding in the earlier part of the day followed by a Christian styled reception.

Dressed in a Punjabi suit the bride looked stunning. Her hands decorated with dark mehndi, bangles, flowers adorning her hair and an almost demure smile made her looked the part (I say almost demure because for those who know Shalet, she is one of the most expressive people you will meet, it’s like her face can emote beautifully and of course it helps that she almost always has a mischievous smile).

The groom looked no less in a smart sherwani with accessories and all; bringing alive a Punjabi Hindu wedding in a beautifully set mantap in a South Indian city- This is what excites me as a candid wedding photographer, there’s so much richness in our culture and it continues to amaze me. The couple and the family offers prayers and completes the Hindu wedding ceremony with the pheras and all.

After a short break the couple gets ready for their evening in a Christian wedding styled reception. The bride in a stunning gown and the groom in an elegant suit made quite the entry. Friends and family were already in high spirits and danced through the evening. May god bless these two as they take next steps into this adventure called marriage. And I’m super happy to have got to photograph this joyful celebration.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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    Beautiful narration of the event Kiran. Candid photography must be do exciting and satisfying. Keep going

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