Rajendra + Seema



A big fat Indian Wedding- this is the first thing that comes to mind when I try to reminisce Rajendra and Seema’s wedding. The south Indian wedding was held in Bangalore in the month of October as rains ceased to pour and the sun gods smiled at us. Just the perfect setting of this Hindu wedding.

Like most Hindu weddings, this celebration also panned over two days of celebration and festivity. With so much excitement and energy, as a wedding photographer it is almost impossible to remain unaffected or unfazed.

An Indian wedding celebration is a fantastic affair where everyone rejoice the coming together of two families.  Friends and family are equally involved in the wedding celebrations and the entire event becoming the center of their lives for those days.

The Hindu wedding reception kick started the events of the next two days. An extravagant venue, beautiful décor, lovely people and a much in love couple adorned the stage as near and dear ones wished them luck.

With this phase of the celebration completed, it was time for the nuptials. Hindu weddings in India differ from each other. Different south Indian wedding celebrations are conducted differently but one can notice plenty similarity and of course excitement is never missing like in the case of any wedding.

Most south Indian Weddings start off really early in the morning and this one was no different. The day begins with a number of rituals, ceremonies and prayers offered by the priest for the couple’s prosperity and life together.

The mantap or set up where the Hindu wedding takes place is decorated with plantain leaves, mango leaves, screw-pine petals, numerous types of flowers and plates filled with many other things, also Rangoli designs at the entrance and wonderful Notes of the Nadaswaram, the South Indian Shehnai.

Once the bride and groom complete their respective prayers then they are ushered aside quickly to change into their South Indian wedding trousseau. The muhuruthum beckons the couple again and the wedding is officially underway.

There are so many aspects and practices in Hindu weddings- these rituals and ceremonies passed down generations is what makes our wedding celebrations so special and unique. We had a great time being their wedding photographers, it was a beautiful south Indian wedding and we wish these two the very best and lots of love.


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