Philip + Geetha



“No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we will start with forever”

Sometimes when you see two people you just know that they are meant to be, you just know that this story will see ever after. This is exactly how we felt when we photographed this wedding. To start with like I always say a mix wedding is always my favorite because it has so much happening- In this case a Hindu wedding and a Christian wedding.

Geetha and Philip too chose to be blessed in two wedding styles; a temple wedding followed by a church celebration. A wedding like this is not so much a rarity in recent times but it still carries it dose of excitement that I am growing to love.

The first of the celebration, the Hindu wedding was hosted in this absolutely stunning temple in Bangalore. It was an early morning wedding and with just family and close friends to bear witness. The groom and bride walks in as drums are played; that and the chimes of bells sets the tone of calm spirituality for the next few minutes.

Family and Friends looked elated and excited to be a part of this celebration. But the infectious smile of the beautiful bride and the warm glimpses of each other stolen by the couple against the backdrop of this beautiful temple in Bangalore was what grabbed the attention of my lens.

With this wedding completed, it was time to begin preparation for the Christian wedding. The newly-weds get into their next set of wedding trousseau to bring in the next phase of celebrations. A simple yet beautiful church ceremony was conducted as the couple prayed for a lifetime of happiness together.

The energy and mood of the guests were at its high as the mass comes to an end. The ceremonies were completed and with it the beautiful story of Geetha and Philip begins. Double blessings were sought from the gods and goddesses as they step into this journey together.

It’s an unexplainable happiness to be a part of someone’s story, a part of someone’s beginning and an absolute treat as a candid wedding photographer to shoot two people who look like they belong together. We enjoyed shooting this wedding and I wish them the best in life together always!


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