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The process of architecturing dreams of the wedding right up to actually living the day is what makes the experience of a wedding so surreal. Sarah’s and Manuj’s wedding was nothing short of something out of a romantic novel. When we see so much of hatred and ostracism committed daily in the name of religion, it was ever so refreshing to be a part of a wedding that celebrated the joy of togetherness by paying respects to two different religions. And such a candid wedding photography opportunity beckons few others.

Their wedding events started with a very personal and solemn blessing ceremony at the temple. Sarah and Manuj dressed in an Indian ensemble looked their pristine best and the resultant candid wedding photographs look stunning. Adorned with a perpetual smile on her lips and glow that refused to leave her face, the bride needed no fussing with accessories or make up to look stunningly radiant. Also a visibly love-struck groom couldn’t keep himself from stealing glances at his beloved from time to time (and before long our lens too fell in love with this love story creating some unforgettable candid wedding photographs).

The ceremony at the temple was a short one but nonetheless managed to create an atmosphere of emotional excitement as two families with varied religious background joined in to commemorate the occasion of holy matrimony between the two love birds. We caught the groom at his mischievous best, trying to reach out and grab hold of the bride’s hands at every given chance, truly an exemplar to the ‘fallen madly in love’ phrase, reminding us yet again why we love candid wedding photography.

Post one day since the divine blessings were sought for at the temple, Sarah, Manuj and the families began their preparation for the nuptial celebration at the St. Vincent Palotti church. The already beautiful church undoubtedly provides the most elegant backdrop favourable for candid wedding photography and was further decorated to look alluring and complemented the coy angelic bride perfectly well along with her colourfully dressed well-wishes who thronged the church aisles in a desperate bid to be a part of this traditional mass with a difference.

The nuptials that followed were in itself simple but beautiful. While the Holy Communion was shared with the Catholics present, the non Catholics joined the others in seeking blessings from the priest serving at the altar. Such honesty in the reverie and effortless peace descended upon the church venue that for a second, one could do nothing but forget about everything unpleasant and just bask in the moment. As candid wedding photographers our participation often becomes so emotional because our lens manages to capture the non conventional moments like that of a tear drop that escapes the groom’s mother’s eyes.

The couple were happily joined in marriage and this was held in a joyous toast made by a dear friend at the reception later in the evening. Wine and plum cake were passed around at the reception to define the perfect end to the ceremonial rituals and a perfect start to the fete’ of making merry with dear and near ones. It truly was a victorious merry making, for the couple, the families and the guests spend the rest of the evening relaxed, sipping wine and digging into some scrumptious food, giving us another go at some interesting candid wedding photographs.

Well, marriages are sure made in heaven, luckily me and my partner had the pleasure of being part of one such matrimonial here on earth. We hold this candid wedding photography experience close to our hearts not just because of the loving couple but also because of the family. The families of the groom and the bride were rather different in their beliefs and practices but they were still identical in their warmth, their lovingness and their ability to make you feel one in their joyous celebration!


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