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Even before this candid wedding photography experience, Manoj wasn’t unfamiliar to us, a young boy with dreams in his eyes, a wonderful dancer, promising actor, smart businessman and more importantly a fantastic person. Having known him for a good 2 years while he was studying and dabbling with his father’s business, he always stood out for being someone successfully balancing both his interests and his profession, something not many manage to effectively pursue. This in itself adds to Manoj’s character and personality while Subhasmitha complements him perfectly with her shy, reserved and introverts self.

When we got the call to come shoot his candid wedding photography, we were delighted and also knowing Manoj’s comfort in front of camera and his tryst with entertainment, we knew he’d put up quite a fun show , which of course makes for an interesting candid wedding photography opportunity. And we weren’t wrong for to begin with, Manoj and family picked one of the most stunning venues for the reception, the Bangalore Palace, another treat for us wedding photographers. The Palace needs no introduction; for it lies nestled inside Palace ground and is seated as a majestic pride for over a century now.

We couldn’t cover his wedding rituals as they were held in a family ceremony at Orissa a week earlier. Nonetheless the reception was planned with lots of care and attention to detail which made this quite the ‘larger-than-life’ reception we’ve attended in recent times. On the day of the reception, as candid wedding photographers we had the exclusive privilege of joining the couple at a popular styling parlour where they were getting they make-up and hair done. The bride looked so beautiful that we couldn’t help ourselves but take photographs of her before she applied make up, which we think are really some of her most flattering wedding photography of the night.

While the newlyweds got their trousseau on, our triggers kept at it sometimes focusing on the clothes, the carefully picked heirloom jewellery, the custom made footwear of the groom and a whole lot more. This is one wedding photography event when the accessories became an unavoidable part of our story telling. Everything from the starting bedlam while they got ready to the sudden realization that the newlyweds couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and the eagerness to reach the reception venue to join the families were all too evident and added to the experience.

The reception did not disappoint us one bit. The palace looked inviting and was all dressed up in lights to celebrate Manoj and Subhasmitha’s wedded bliss. The couple’s entrance was like that of royalty and with this followed a rush towards the stage where everyone wanted their chance at getting close to the couple and sharing their wishes. As expected Manoj had a team of professional entertainers, from musicians to dancers who did well at keeping the guests entertained and added to the varied spread of wedding photography. A live band who sang some refreshingly nice English songs also commands a mention.

After a long evening of posing for the shutterbugs, accepting congratulations from friends and families and a long family dinner; the couple finally got some time to themselves. But this was not to be the case for next we know; cousins and siblings of the couple got into their mischievous best to bully the newlyweds (we weren’t complaining for this got us some fun candid wedding photography shots). Post all this though we managed to steal them away for some time. Here we ended the evening on a higher note as we managed to get some loving and cute portraiture shots of the enthusiastic and willing couple.


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