Joel + Smitha



Sometimes you meet a couple as kind and warm-hearted as Joel and Smitha and from the very first moment you get the feeling like you’ve known them all my life. A really beautiful couple –inside and out, therefore it was nothing short of a pleasure to be their candid photographer and shoot this beautiful Christian wedding.

When we first met them to discuss their wedding details and candid photography needs, the first thing that struck me was the compatibility of this couple. They were constantly teasing, playing the fool, laughing and enjoying their preparation- which is such a delight to see, given that wedding planning can truly give anyone the jitters.

The great thing about couples who sport such a relaxed, cool, easy-going attitude is that it makes the job of a candid photographer simpler. Stressed out or paranoia creeping out through your wedding photography is a complete no-no. Hence a cheerful couple can help everyone around feel less stressed and have a good time. This in turn ensures, as the evening’s candid photographer I can give my 100%.

This early evening Christian wedding ceremony was greeted with gorgeous blue skies and the orange sun setting in the backdrop looked nothing short of something out of a fairy tale. The wedding ceremony was lovely in its simplicity and totally set the tone for a fun rest of the evening with near and dear ones who travelled far and wide to bless this couple.

Post the ceremony, I got the opportunity to quietly sneak the newly-weds aside for some portrait shots. The location and the time of the day was just perfect and my lens wouldn’t stop firing away, freezing those special moments for a lifetime. Joel and Smitha are a wonderful couple and very relaxed in front of the camera so it was truly fun being their candid photographer.

Times like these reiterate and remind me just how lucky I am. Not only do I get to do a job that I absolutely love but this job gives me the opportunity to meet some very nice people. Wedding Photography truly makes me happy because I get to play a role in the biggest celebration in the lives of two people in love.


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