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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

Every couple dreams for their wedding to be the most memorable day of their lives, so it wasn’t very different when Megha and Chandrasekhar decided to take the plunge. In fact emotions were so high in this Hindu wedding celebration adding a lovely human element to the festivity of marriage.

In all the hula hoop with planning a wedding, most of us often forget to acknowledge the role our family and dear ones play but this beautiful couple; Megha and Chandrasekhar understood that and every single ritual and ceremony was conducted with the blessings of the elders.

Marriage is said to be the joining of new families therefore it is absolutely a delight when you can actually bear witness to this beginning, right from the day of the wedding. As candid photographers it becomes a joy to document a wedding as earnest as this; where only love and family matter!

The bride Megha looked absolutely stunning, dressed in her wedding sari with flowers and jewelry accessorizing the trousseau to perfection. And the groom of course match her elegance with sheer style. They looked lovely together as they took their vows for the new journey together ahead.

Candid photographers will tell you the best ornament a couple can wear is a smile and trust me these two gave me plenty reasons to keep my shutter on the roll.  A simple wedding but nonetheless one for the memories.

We got some fun photographs too post the actual Hindu wedding ceremonies were completed. The couple got into their quirkiest and romantic best, giving us some really interesting shots. Their friends joined keeping the excitement going.

I am reminded of this quote by Mary Forsell “Weddings to me are wondrous because they are so filled with tomorrows”. Now married; this couple is all set to start their journey and make more memories together.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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