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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

I always gush when I talk about Allen and Bianca’s wedding. I just love this couple and I personally had a fantastic time being the candid wedding photographer at their wedding. A wonderful couple, totally in love and just a whole lot fun. This couple had a beautiful February Catholic wedding in the stunning Holy Ghost Church in Bangalore with the reception in an equally stunning garden venue.

The day started with Allen and Bianca getting ready. While the groom got ready in his home, the bride chose to pamper herself to a beautiful hotel suite. Of course the candid wedding photographer got to spend maximum time with the bride, watching her transformation into the gorgeous princess waiting to meet her groom at the altar.

I am pleased to have got this time to photograph the gown, her pretty bridal shoes and the lovely bridesmaids. After all what candid wedding photographer would give up an opportunity to photograph all these beautiful elements that come together to make a wedding memorable. My shutters were working hard as Bianca got her make up on, hair in curlers, gown fitted and veil placed.

The wonderfully planned Catholic wedding was held in this really stunning church and the altar was decorated with so many flowers, truly setting the tone for what’s to come. Bright, happy colors enveloping the ambiance really added an element of spiritual celebration. You could tell that Allen and Bianca were super-duper happy during the ceremony.

Cute flower girls running around with their little baskets, family and friends singing glory to the Lord, praying for this couple’s beautiful tomorrow, a gorgeous couple who knew how to communicate with the camera- truly a candid wedding photographer’s dream. Everything was perfect! They were pronounced man and wife, they kissed and walked out to start their beautiful ever after together.

After the Catholic ceremony we went back outdoors for some group photos that friends and family happily participated in. Yes, like in most Catholic weddings you just cannot pass off an opportunity for post wedding portraits outside the church. After some adorable photographs with the bridal entourage, we were all set to head towards the reception venue to start the party.

Well, when Bianca and Allen said ‘their wedding was going to be a big party’ they weren’t kidding. First thing to strike you as you enter the garden venue is the décor. Again beautiful colors, amazing looking table tops- just a visual treat. As a candid wedding photographer, there was so much to photograph- stunning venue, elegantly themed décor, people having a great time and a couple so madly in love.

Once the couple of the hour entered the venue, joined by their entourage and family the wedding festivity was well on its way. Wedding cake cut, toast made, champagne bottle opened and well everyone made sure this party was just starting. Like I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding- great music ensured every one (of all ages) were on their feet dancing like no one was watching.

It was just fantastic and every minute was beautiful and I’ve tried to ensure the photographs capture the energy, excitement and romance in the air. Also, a wedding so beautifully executed needed a lot of work; so hats off to the couple- they managed to make this wedding planning work even though they were continents apart until 2 weeks ahead of the wedding. Great wedding, wonderful couple!

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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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