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One of our very first wedding photography experiences was that of Alex and Rose’s wedding. A small Catholic Keralite wedding that was held at the stunning St. Vincent Palotti Church. We were at our nervous best because this time around we had a team of 3 assisting us in taking the regular staged wedding photography and video recording along with the two of us focusing on the creative candid wedding photography. While it always is easier shooting as a second shooter or as a shooter at family events, this time around it was for a client and we couldn’t help feeling the nervous jitters.

Our candid wedding photography team reached the bride’s house well around 10 a.m. in the morning. As the bride had gone to get all ready for her big day at a parlour nearby, we slowly began to ease ourselves into the chaotic setting in the house. The family members were getting dressed, the children already dressed in their pretty gowns were seen running about and the elders were holding long conversations with each other on varied topics. We acquainted ourselves with the little brats in their colourful attire and got ourselves some testing shots of them playing.

Guests began to pour in and before long everyone was ready and waiting impatiently for the bride. When the bride, Rose did step into the house, we could almost sense the ecstasy filling the air as the last daughter of the house looked all set to walk the aisle. As the prayers and blessings begun, the moist eyes and quivering lips as hymns were being sung was unmistakably seen apparent across the room. As if on cue even the children ceased to make any noise and the silence that descended was one of serene happiness, making us the wedding photographers also not want to silence our shutters.

With the prayers completed and after the bride seeks blessings from the elders present, we all (family, guests and wedding photographers) set out towards church for the nuptials. We got our equipment back into the bag and headed out before the bride to ensure we reached the church well in time to catch her getting off the car. And though traffic played havoc, we managed to reach on time and set our candid wedding photography equipment and ready the team about 10 minutes before the beautiful bride entered the church. Her beau, Alex waited patiently as his wife-to-be clad in a white traditional sari walks up to him.

The mass ceremony was simple and was witnessed by close family and friends only. The reception that followed too was a closed function, with no more than about 160-200 guests which included Rose and Alex’s relatives, colleagues and dear friends. A lighting of the lamp signalled the start to the reception and as ceremony demands, the plum cake and wine was passed around for the toast. Guests flocked at the slightly elevated stage to wish the newly wedded couple, get snapped by the wedding photographers and then joined the rest at celebrating the marriage over the delicious spread of lunch.


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