Summer Love

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

The title Summer Love was coined well before the actual portrait photography shoot to lay our objectives clear and well defined. We wanted a fresh, young and fun theme that helped communicate the natural elements of young love in a romantic background of summer. And all this to be achieved using a single model and no assisting paramour, so it was supposed to be an innocent, stylish and very summery shoot. We love the summers, we love the way the sun draws out a beautiful picture using shadows and light. We think the natural light from the sun makes for some truly inspiring photographs and hence we wanted to dabble with these factors ad create something innocently beautiful through creative photography.

Our model for this portrait photography shoot was Samantha, an upcoming and hopeful model. With a couple of modelling stints in college and otherwise up her sleeves, she has the makings of a very promising model in the years to come. All of 18 years, this young girl was a complete delight to shoot for. Given that she happens to also be family and that only made the experience a whole lot more fun. This portrait photography shoot demanded an early morning as we wanted some natural sunlit images, something which we found an imperative part of this subject shoot as we sat preparing our story board days earlier.

Once the makeup artist Salma reached, we began getting our model for the day ready. The first shot was to be in a white dress, in about 20 minutes, our model walks out looking ravishing in white. A scratchy start with a nervous model but a couple of shots later and a couple of dress changes later, our model Samantha turned out to be quite a joy to work with. She listened to direction intently and was very proactive with her shots, making the experience of photographing her quite a delight. Creative photography is often a combined result of a creative photographer and an enthusiastic model.

We started our first dress change around 10 a.m. while finishing off with the last one at a beautifully green outdoor location at about 4 p.m. the same day. The location was nothing out of the ordinary but perhaps the sun too was in love with our model for it gave us the perfect lighting conditions to help create some of the most breath-taking photographs of the day. Though we were all tired and famished, the excitement of the moment kept us all going. All in all, a superlative experience and one of the most peaceful portrait photography shoots we’ve had in awhile.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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