Knotty Affair


This album is a beautiful rendition of creative photography presenting portraits of the young and pretty Arpita. This photo shoot was something she’d wanted to get done for some time now just to be pampered and experience being indulged by the art of photography. And well we were more than happy to oblige her whim and fancy with this regard. When we approached this project, we were unsure how to theme it because while we wanted to retain the natural fun loving attitude of our subject, we also wanted to capture her in emotions a little out of her usual elements. We realised marriage was on her cards and looked at ‘Bridal musings’ as being a wonderful topic to embark upon on this photographic journey, both personally for our subject as well as for us.

At the start of this portrait photography shoot we had our subject dress in an elegant Sari. The white with gold and red border sari looks exquisite on her and the elaborate jewellery made her look nothing less than royalty. Her features were styled to give her a strong almost tigress look. We were intending on presenting her as the confident bride, the bride who knows what she wants and is a stickler for perfection. We used the massive wood sofa against maroon long drapes as a prop to accentuate the royalty in the photograph and the door supported photograph came in as an afterthought to add a glimpse of vulnerability within the strong character, our subject had so successfully portrayed.

The next dress change was on the theme of natural sensuality, this was a very interesting creative photography shoot because we used a black and green for a burst of colours against soft pale yellow and natural hues as back grounds. The sensuality of a bride lies in her ability to look stunning in her natural elements, the coy smile and uninhibited laugh makes up for all the other limitations her possible nerves may present. We did a heavy ghagra bit for the next shoot and think we did get some stunning shots of our beautiful subject in this attire too. Who said shy brides were cliché’, to the contrary every bride has a different underlying factor that contributes to her sensuality and that’s exactly what makes her special and unique.

We concluded the barrage of photo making with a final dress change into a gown, a Christian wedding gown in all its glory with the frills and the lace. To keep it simple, we excused the veil and the works because we didn’t want her fussing over the little bits of getting the attire perfect and instead wanted her to enjoy herself while we photographed her. Dressed in this elegant white gown we set out to a location not too far from where we begun our shoot that day. The sun was also preparing to set and we were running out of light but it was those few minutes before light completely gave up on us that we got some amazing portrait shots. What a way to end the shoot I must say. It was an enjoyable portrait photography experience for me though we were pretty beat at the end of day, the results made it worth every minute.

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