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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

This was one of those really super fun shoots we’ve had. Portrait photography is something that anyway feels more relaxed and in control when compared to the unknown factors surrounding that of events such as wedding photography. This photo shoot was planned for a dear friend, Varun. He loves to explore and experiment and hence for this among many other reasons we found the perfect model in Varun for this particular photo shoot.

He’s got Panache’ was conceived as an album that celebrated ‘the man’ for his ruggedness, his enthusiasm towards his ride, his sports , his habits’ (some bad some good) and more importantly how he does all of these in style, making a statement every time he steps out. The idea of this Portrait photography shoot was to steer clear of the muscular portraiture shoots of men as usually seen; here it was more about style, more about charisma that is exuded and more about the intense éclat that a man can present.

Varun had never modelled before, short for posing for the camera on his travels with his buddies; he really has had no experience in modelling or posing. But that worked for us and actually in the truest sense were one of the many reasons we think this Portrait photography shoot worked. Puzzled? Don’t be, for it really is simple- with a clean slate to start with, we had the opportunity to direct Varun and have him be receptive and follow suit, thus giving us the kind of photographs we planned to get from the shoot.

Varun constantly kept his enthusiasm up, while we got him changing his attire and taking him from one location to another. Feeling quite at home on the royal Enfield and enjoying the skateboard poses, Varun was a real sport and a very interesting face to photograph. Our favourite part of this Portrait photography shoot were undoubtedly the ones with him adorning an original German seal jacket and another Indian army jacket, both of which we think looked amazing in the photographs. In this Portrait photography shoot we focussed on his silent language and the effortless style at which he carried himself with élan.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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