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The last few months have seen us dabble quite a bit with child photography. There is little doubt in my mind that I am beginning to love the challenges of clicking child portraits photographs. When I am approached with a project to photograph a child, I am instantly a little nervous and that makes the project a lot more fun. In the case of child photography the unknown factors are plenty and that makes photographing an adventure.

An old acquaintance saw photographs we shot of the little toddler in his Lord Krishna avatar sometime back and decided to call upon us to photograph her nieces. Her nieces are two little dolls; more grown than our last subject of child photography but still naive and young enough to not understand direction. This meant we were with really young children who loves to frolic and play, more than pose for the camera [which of course is only naturally expected from children right!!! :-)]

Now I’ve heard many photographers complain that photographing young children can be pretty exhausting, tardy and even time consuming. Well I am not going to deny that but I will add that child photography is also satisfying, fun, exciting and the final results can be adorable. What we did in this particular photo shoot was to use the factors of green lush nature with the softness of prime innocence in a natural, uninhibited manner.

We let our subjects of this child portrait photographs go about their evening completely oblivious to our cameras. Of course the little curious eyes met our lens more often than not but our efforts were more candid than was forceful. In sometime the little girls eased up and became more comfortable. They enjoyed a pleasant evening with their aunt; their affection evident, their love unmistakably strong and their memories cherished forever through our lens.

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