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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

Corporate photography has today become a very vital part of business presentation. Today every organization and every institute will need to do everything in their power to ensure that their marketing collaterals and brand positioning initiatives carry all the required information to present them well. Marketing is inevitable for a business and so is a properly defined portfolio that translates the actual identity of a corporate organization.

When JGI Idea’s management approached us for corporate photography and creative photography with an aim to shoot photographs for their collaterals, we were thrilled because the very concept of digitally depicting an organization through photographs sounded fascinating to say the least. Also the JGI Idea campus in Bangalore is noted for being well equipped, beautiful and not to forget massive. The campus spreads over a huge land and contains within it world class sports and learning facilities.

We had the students from the entrepreneurial course at JGI Idea as our subjects for the corporate photography. These students were future entrepreneurs waiting to see their incubated ideas step into the real market. They were students who were unlike most others we’ve come across, in fact the bunch was very enterprising, proactive and without the airs making it a pleasant photographing experience.

The corporate photography shoot at JGI Idea spread over 2 days with us capturing some action shots and then the facilities. The objective of our shoot from the briefing was clearly to be firstly making the course sell-worthy and secondly showcase the endearing personalities of the existing batch of incubated entrepreneurs, both objectives which we met with much success. The experience was enriching to say the least with a great batch of subjects to work with and an unexplored genre to enjoy from.

Our team of photographers, managed to help the in-house marketing team by offering them a wide spread of images shot under the theme of corporate photography or creative photography. As per our briefing, our corporate photography images looked like stock but without the frills attached to paying a premium for every stock photograph. Also stock is not personalized and lacks brand identity, something which custom ordered corporate photography offers. The spread of photographs we shot for this client are now being used over a range of mediums, both online and offline for the purpose of marketing.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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