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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

The Face is quite the mystery beholder because there is much that a face can try tell you that words otherwise cannot. Well, let me be honest that I have never been great at reading faces. There are times I need a painful nudge from my partner to bring me to notice that the subject of my attention is reflecting a strong emotion that I failed to decipher with my overtly casual approach. Portrait photography in the form of photojournalism is a genre that I indulge in quite enjoyably.

Every one of these faces I’ve shot in portrait photography resound the need to have something to say. I will try for the sake of this blog, to remember under what circumstances did I click these photographs and what I thought in my naïve mind that the clicked subjects were trying to say at that time. Let me begin with the photograph I’ve title ‘The parrot with the man’. If you are wondering why I made the parrot the subject of this photograph, let me tell you it’s because when I noticed this astrologer and his parrot, it was obvious that the parrot was demanding all the attention. Even the man knew that his presence was incidental while the parrot was his mascot who will also decide the fate of how much he manages to earn for the day. When I see this photograph I see helplessness, submission and hope!

Another one of my favorite happens to be the photograph titled ‘Light me up’, I know you must be thinking what an odd title for this photograph but in all of my photojournalism photographs, this particular one I find high on intensity. When you look at the portrait, you will see him with a cigarette between his lips, partially camouflaged by his fingers and his elaborate moustache. But if you do look closely, you will also see that the local cigarette tip isn’t the only thing that looks like its lit, his iris looks like it’s on fire too. There’s an unmistakable illumination reflected exactly on the iris of his eyes. To me he looks unhappy, angry and perhaps his eyes represent the storm he is experiencing within his mind but then mind you it’s me speculating really.

I also find the photograph of the Muslim woman in her hijab very endearing. This one I’ve titled ‘A smile worth a million’. This side profiled portrait photography result showcases a woman in all her candidness, smiling away at something that caught her attention. A less dark photograph of the lot in the album, the gold earrings, the wrinkled skin around the eyes and the infectious smile makes this photograph very fascinating. When I see this I think of a woman with less but content and seemingly happy celebrating the little joys of her life and of those around. The possible suffering hidden behind that infectious smile is undeniably beautiful.

The album Candid Countenance is a digital rendition of the numerous faces I’ve found intriguing and click worthy. For me these were just not another shot for Portrait photography but instead it was me wanting to depict an entire story through a single photograph. The selected assortment of photographs in this album is very simple but every face exudes a complexity I still find hard to interpret. Perhaps this explains my fascination towards photographing faces wherever I go and whenever I come across a face click-worthy. I am certain you will find my photojournalistic approach to portrait photography to be thought-provoking and these photographs will reach for your senses like it did for mine.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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