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The first month of the New Year ended seeing us at a candid event photography project, photographing for the German brand Schüco at the famous ACE Exhibition. Schüco is a name that is synonymous with sustainable solutions and a comprehensive product range. They have had a brilliant run in Europe with earning themselves the position of being one of the most popular and immensely loved green technology based engineering company. With their recent entry into the India market, this exhibition was going to be a sort of an official launch for the Indian segment of buyers and they wanted candid photography to capture the reactions of their potential market.

The exhibition in itself sponsored and organized by Economic times was a sure hit with some of the crème de la crème and best names from architecture, engineering, interiors and more participating with much gusto. The pride of being associated with such an event arises from the very fact that the event is host to an extensive spread of brands. The exhibition offers builders, architects and designers the opportunity to study the products or brands in close proximity and all under a single roof. And Schüco wanted candid photography shot as their team interacted with potential buying partners.

To begin with, event photography for an event of such a magnitude sure does blow you away and what we undermined was the kind of crowds flocking towards Schüco. The crowd comprised of professionals, industry experts as well as housewives looking at vendors for their new home construction and redesigning projects. It becomes overwhelming to see the delighted and excited faces of people as they look through the innovative solar systems of Schüco. ‘Green technology for the blue planet’ that happens to be Schüco’s vision and surprisingly a lot of people also seem to favour it.

Statistics of Schüco’s first official launch in the Indian market was nothing short of being desirable for the brand and with that we were offered the good fortune of rubbing shoulders with the who’s-who in the architecture, construction and design engineering industry. We photographed some really nice products on display and also got our candid photography on the move with some really interestingly curious and excited faces of the potential clients and partners who walked in. I loved the facades and the folding doors which I thought would look exquisite on a balcony. Having such beautiful designs only made this event photography while physically challenging yet a satisfying project.

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