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Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

Have you seen photographs clicked at nightclubs looking all shady with no clear faces, motion blurred images or let’s say the extreme cases are when everyone looks unnaturally white with the use of flash, well but that is exactly what happens when you try to shoot at a badly lit or discotheque event venue. We disliked using flash to bail us out of challenging light conditions and at the same time we cannot ignore its importance to help illuminate the subject in focus. This is precisely why this particular event shoot was all the more exciting because the external uncontrollable factors were very challenging and we wanted to test our photography skills in an unknown territory. Now we had the pleasure of shooting at this popular discotheque in Bangalore called Blue Waves. Like all other creative photography projects, this too was a candid shoot.

Nightclub photography happens to be a genre of event photography in Bangalore that we explored in partnership with another team. The idea and objective of this particular shoot was to capture candid nightclub photographs of the discotheque’s patrons having a fabulous time. We as event photographers in Bangalore were to capture the patrons at their candid best in an attempt to reflect through visual imagery the enjoyment that translates itself through these photographs. These nightclub photographs were then intended for use on social networking and other offline marketing exercises by the event Management Company and organizers. The Blue Waves Discotheque and lounge bar has a premium advantage of bring strategically located and for a city whose nightlife sleeps before midnight, this is one place that is bustling with activity and patrons day in and day out.

The ambiance is very stylish but like any discotheques lighting is low with colorful laser works. This definitely set the stage for great ambiance but that is the very reason for our worry because it also made our task of getting some great nightclub photographs quite a task. Our team was thrilled to shoot for this event and offer our services in creative photography in Bangalore nightclub events because with a legal dance floor, Blue Waves surely presented the perfect opportunity for those wanting to have a great time dancing to some rocking music and an ambiance that is equally enjoyable. Our shutters kept going off non-stop as the music grew louder and the dance floor turned smaller with the huge crowd of party goers kept coming in while the night grew older. Some just wanting to show us some moves while still others intoxicated slightly enough to pose uninhibited for our shutters. Our lens caught some aware and some unaware, end of the night we had a wide spectrum of nightclub photographs that screamed FUN!!!

The best thing about this creative photography experience was that not only do these images work wonders for the client and venue in question but even the patrons’ love revisiting the night through our photographs. As the partnered Event photographer in Bangalore for the event is pretty happy with the way our images have turned out, especially because a discotheque and its limitation in lighting and constant fast movements make photography quite a challenge. The beautiful dolled up faces, smart dressers, great foot works from some dancers burning the floor down with their moves and some thumping music gave us all the motivation to create some great nightclub photographs to add to our treasure trove of visual displays. And another thing that we learnt was irrespective of the lighting conditions and other factors if there is a will and the required skill, clicking great photographs isn’t unattainable.

Fotoxication-Candid Wedding Photography

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